Fiber Cement




Intero Group Hawaii never uses no-name products. Whether you are selling your property, want to do some improvements, or full exterior redesign, we recommend James Hardie or Certainteed Fiber Cement lap siding. Both products make your house look more elegant and rich, and both are an equally smart choice:

– Hardie Plank siding or Certainteed Weather Board are not subject to rotting, termites, carpenter ants, or mold which is a very common problem when dealing with regular wood siding.
– Cement Planks can easily be painted and hold the paint three times longer than the wood siding allowing you to change the color of your home every 10-15 years which is not an unusual process.
– In addition, Hardie Plank is fire resistant material with “Class 1A” fire rating. When “Class 10” is the lowest rating, we are helping you get the smartest cement product on the market.
– Hardie Plank siding or Cretainteed Weather Board may be more expensive than the regular vinyl siding, but it’s definitely worth your buck.

There are many vinyl siding companies and installers on the market today. However, it is hard to find a contractor or a crew who will install the product according to manufacturer’s manual.

We are proud to say that we can do the job!

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