Vinyl Siding




Vinyl Siding is the most popular choice for remodeling. The exterior work like Prodigy siding installation is the most valuable project in terms of percentage of cost recouped at sale. Our certified home improvement specialists recommend Prodigy siding from Alside because it features the following qualities that make it unique and smart:

– Prodigy siding has a longer panel than the standard 12′ panel size.
– It is 16′ long which gives you more cleaner look with fewer overlaps.
– Prodigy siding has the thickest foam in the industry (1.5” thick) which provides the impressive 5.0 R-value and the straightest course look of the panel.
– Prodigy siding provides additional insulation on the exterior walls of your house which can reduce unwanted noise up to 30%.
– The look and feel of this finely milled cedar lumber attracts more customers than a competitive product.

Intero Group Team