3 Reasons to Choose Double-pane Windows

3 Reasons to Choose Double-pane Windows

Many people think that replacing windows in Hawaii

with single-pane glass is enough, but is this really the case? We are Intero Group, Hawaii — your windows, doors and siding experts working every day to provide you with the best products that are designed for superior thermal performance and have an affordable price tag. We believe that single-pane windows are not the answer.

Here are some reasons to go with double-pane windows:

1. Single-pane glass has virtually no insulating value. According to Sempra Energy, a single-pane window can account for as much as 75 percent of the heat-gain by letting more heat pass through the glass and into your room. You need more energy to keep the room cooler. Even if the air isn’t escaping from the house, solar radiation forces you to use air conditioning more often to keep the house cooler, which increases your energy bills.

2. At Intero Group, we offer you industry-leading, energy-saving, double-pane windows. Their Low-E coating reduces unwanted heat pass-through by 80 percent, while letting desirable light stream in. In Hawaii’s climate, where solar radiation is an issue, installing double-pane windows will not only give you more quiet time and comfort, it also will save you money. Wouldn’t it be nice to see how much you’ve saved this month when you open your energy bill?

3. We recommend that you consider the value of your double-pane windows based on price, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and U-factor. SHGC measures how well a window blocks heat from the sunlight, while U-factor measures how well a product prevents heat from escaping. If your home is air-conditioned, choose windows with the lowest SHGC and U-value possible. We guarantee your air conditioning will not escape outside, and you can anticipate considerable savings in your energy bill.

At Intero Group, we only install Energy Star Package Windows for Hawaii’s climate, and we do it for the best price you will find on the market. The company offers the Double Glazed Glass package, featuring triple Low-E coating and Argon gas-filled windows.

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