3 Tips for Saving on Window Replacements

3 Tips for Saving on Window Replacements

Are you looking to replace your noisy jalousie windows? Do you have old and rotten Masonite siding? If the answer is yes, here is the good news: We are Intero Group, Hawaii — your windows, doors and siding company working every day to help you weather-proof your home while saving you money. You deserve the best value for your hard-earned dollars, and we’ve come a long way to offer you windows and siding that you will never need to replace again!

This week, we offer three tips on replacement windows:

1. Replace windows with vinyl double-paned energy-saving glass

Are your cooling bills high and continue to increase? Are your windows difficult or impossible to open and close? Replacing your home’s windows with double-paned windows will not only save you up to 25 percent per year on cooling, but will make your home more quiet, secure and attractive. Our Intero Group team recommends two industry-leading brands — Alside and Simonton Windows with a double lifetime warranty. Both are Low-E coating, energy-saving glass that will serve you best by keeping your Hawaii home cooler.

2. Choose custom-made windows

Because custom windows are made to fit perfectly, they provide the best energy efficiency, which means lower energy bills for you! Intero Group offers custom windows that require little work to the inside or outside of your home, install easily and with very little mess.

3. Look for qualified window installers

Even the best-quality windows won’t deliver the look or savings you expect if they’re installed poorly. Using the same contractor for purchase and installation helps minimize the chance of problems arising later. Always ask the installer to go over the details of the work to be performed, such as type, amount and placement of flashing, sealant and insulation. We pride ourselves on having exceptionally qualified installers and 100-percent-satisfied customers.

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