Valuable Tips for Window, Siding Replacements

Valuable Tips for Window, Siding Replacements

Have you put off the replacement of the windows of your home for years because you think it’s a costly project? Is your existing siding rotting, but you can’t afford to replace it? Here is the good news: Intero Group, Hawaii makes your windows, siding and door replacements affordable, and guarantees that you will get what you need and even more. With the right product and professional installation, the company helps extend the life of your windows and siding so you will never have to replace them again.

Intero Group offers valuable tips for your window and siding replacements while showing you that these products are becoming more efficient and affordable:

Window tips

• If you live near an airport, in a high-traffic area or in an urban center, consider replacing your windows with double-pane laminated glass to help reduce noise transmission. These windows are engineered to reduce unwanted noise, withstand high winds and flying debris, deter intruders and help you reach a quiet comfort inside your home. Intero Group offers this glass option that keeps the heat outside, preventing the sun’s ultraviolet rays from penetrating your home to help preserve carpets, artwork and furnishings.

• Seek out a window brand that maximizes the amount of natural daylight that enters your home.

Studies show that natural light elevates the mood, increases productivity and helps maintain a regular internal body “clock,” while long exposure to artificial light causes stress. Intero Group team recommends that you compare the vinyl frame of different windows of the same size and select the design option with maximum light. Do not block an opening with a thick vinyl frame. Let the light shine through.

• Select vinyl windows with unique options to add style and decorative appeal to your home. Intero Group provides most of the add-on options for free. Our variety of product lines allows you to choose different colors for exterior and interior frames, hardware, grids and much more.

Siding tips

• Replace your old Masonite siding with low-maintenance and maximum-durability siding. Intero Group offers James Hardie Fiber Cement product, which is fireand termite-resistant, and can last up to 40 years without rotting. Its Color Plus Technology (factory baked-on paint) is 30 percent more fade-resistant than regular paint, warranted for 15 years and can easily be painted afterward, holding paint three times longer than wood siding. The company believes it is the best option for Hawaii’s weather.

• Choose siding that is worth your buck. James Hardie Fiber Cement siding may be more expensive than regular wood or vinyl siding, but it’s definitely a worthwhile long-term solution. Research shows that for the sixth year in a row, re-siding your home with James Hardie is the No. 1 return on investment. This siding gives you a solid 80-percent return on your investment, which is much more than any other remodeling project.

• Select a contractor who has the same vision as yours. There are many windows and siding companies and installers in Hawaii. However, it is hard to find a contractor who will incorporate your vision and provide exceptional products and installation service. Intero Group, Hawaii has a true love for workmanship, which has served as the company’s inspiration from the beginning. It works with a variety of industry-leading manufacturers and always chooses the best option for you, offering what its competitors do not: the best service and a great selection of remodeling products in Hawaii. You deserve to have professionals working on your home.

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